One Tree Hill…!

Let me tell you what I have been obsessing over the last 2-3 years..its the One tree Hill couple- Lucas and Peyton. They have the most epic love story ever. First locking eyes in college, then having a love triangle and then confessing their love and finally after crazy psychos, library shootouts and always another person in their love story they get together telling us that true love wins always.
You art matters. It’s what got me here.


For those who don’t know, One Tree Hill started airing its first season from 2004 but I just started seeing it from season 3 and was hooked to the story from the first episode I watched. The story revolves around two half brothers who were just not in talking terms with each other and both experts in basketball. The show tells the story of them as well as their love interests and friends from high school till 3 or 4 years after they leave high school and are almost adults. I loved one thing the most that the show doesn’t stretch the story but really makes the viewer crave for more.
The characters are so beautifully portrayed that you will be able to connect with at least one character which will be like you. I concentrated only on Peyton and Lucas the whole time( sorry people, couldn’t help taking my eyes off them!)


They both were individually such strong characters. Peyton being the lonely artist interested in music who started getting inspired after Lucas came into her life.

I want to draw something that means something to someone. You know, I want to draw blind faith or a fading summer or just a moment of clarity.  It’s like when you go and you see a really great band live for the first time, you know, and nobody’s saying it but everybody thinking it:” We have something to believe in again.” I want to draw that feeling. But I can’t. And I can’t be great at it then I don’t want to ruin it. It’s too important for me.
– Peyton

And Lucas is truly the boy next door. With his handsome looks to die for and helping nature he is always saving Peyton.

I love you.. And I think I have since the first moment we locked eyes.
– Lucas


Truly they make the best couple ever. And at last how can we ever forget there vows on their wedding day(truly emotional scene!)

Lucas: Peyton I have loved you since the first time I saw you. And this ring and these words are simply a way to show the rest of the world what has been in my heart for as long as I’ve known you. I love you, Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer. I always have and I always will.
Peyton: Lucas Scott..we’ve been through so much together. And despite how confused I’ve been or lost I might have gotten there was always you. Finding me and saving me. You deserve to be adored so that’s what we’re gonna do, your baby and me. We’re gonna adore you for years to come. I am so terribly in love with you. And I always will.


That’s all. Hope you all get a chance to watch their love story someday. Till then just keep reading.. 🙂



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