Just friends and Never kiss your best friend by Sumrit Shahi review

Hey guys..I read two books and they are truly worth a read.
Book: Just friends by Sumrit Shahi
Never kiss your best friend by Sumrit Shahi

These both revolve around the story of two boy-girl best friends: Sumer and Tanie. They are seriously the type of friends everyone wishes for from going shopping together to crying together when their heart breaks.

The story begins with both of them meeting in 10th grade and how in the next 10 years their feelings for each other change, where Sumer starts liking her and she thinks they are “just friends”. Sumer then convinces himself to move on. Still they both stay together and help each other out. (Totally sweet!)

Then due to his heartbreak when Tanie rejected him, not really rejected but said no( same thing!) he starts taking drugs and then couldn’t stop. This leads to the climax of the book.

Till now I never thought reading a novel could make me so emotional.. The way Sumer’s feelings for Tanie and his other side of what he shows to her is written when he says goodbye for the last time, made me cry. The end broke my heart though because the love and friendship Tanie and Sumer shared couldn’t last forever.

Best parts:
~ Sumer and Tanie’s friendship was undoubtedly the best part. They were caring and also fought a lot..!
~ The dialogues were so good, I couldn’t help not reading them again. Seriously love them!
~ The end was unexpected and made me wish the story never ended.

Not so good parts:
Only that sometimes the story takes us to the past and sometimes it is just describing the present which makes it a little confusing, just a little.

But rest the book is really good and sometimes emotional too!



Author: Vrushali

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