Mini Review- Are you afraid of the dark? By Sidney Sheldon


Once again I’m going to a mini book review. I know I’m bad! Are you afraid of the dark? By Sidney Sheldon is a thriller plus mystery book. And it’s the first Sheldon novel I’ve read and man that was good! I only picked this up because I thought it to be a horror kind of novel, I mean I guessed from the title that it would be about some ghost travelling in the dark, hence the title. But I was wrong and I’m glad I read it.
It starts with deaths of 4 different people from 4 different places- Denver, Paris, Germany and New York. And there is only one common string attached with these people- they all worked for the Kingsley International Group which is the world’s largest think-tank( an organization which thinks and provides solutions for their client’s problems).
Two of the people dead were Mark Harris and Richard Stevens. Their death was the sadest news for their wives. Diane Stevens, wife of Richard, who is a painter sets out to find who killed her husband. She is then joined by Kelly Harris, wife of Mark, and she is a supermodel.
They both overcome many obstacles. By many I seriously mean many as they just escape death I don’t know how many times. They are witty and they want answers about their husbands deaths.
Tanner Kingsley, the owner of the Kingsley International Group also keeps a reward of 5 million dollars on the person who will find out the culprit.
Now who is behind all this? Why is there a pattern in these deaths? Will the two ladies accomplish their tasks?
I’ll not tell you. Go read it yourself! (Click on the title of the book and it will take you to its Goodreads page!)
Happy Reading!



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