The Infinity Dreams Award- Round two

Thank you Paul @ Palfitness for nominating me for Infinity Dreams- Award Round 2


The Award Rules:

1.Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

Paul’s Questions-

Who is your mentor or who inspires you the most?
I get inspired by almost everyone, be it for there kindness or behavior. I usually think If they can be so generous and good why can’t I?
Who is your best friend?
Sadly, I don’t have any best friend. To really tell the truth now I don’t try to make someone and be someone’s best friend. I had 2 of the most bestest best friends and somehow the friendship ended.
What is the role of gratitude in life, if any?
I thank everyone always and I thank god almost every time I have any achievement. I think gratitude is the key to a haapy life.
If you could meet one person from any period in history (it may even be fictional), who would it be?
I would like to meet Jane Austen because I like her books very much and also I would be happy to know her personally.
Which were the best years of your life – childhood, youth or whichever age you’re now?
I think now when I’m 18 because I started blogging and knowing and reading books I never knew of. And also reading what people write. I think blogging has changed me into a whole new person.
Do you think you suffer from any phobia?
I think I suffer from Atelophobia. It is the fear of imperfection. The fear of never being good enough.
What do you need to be happy?
I need to be happy because living in the past and always being grumpy will not help me live life to the fullest.
What is love?
Some people care too much. I think its called love.
What is peace?
Quietness and calmness.
Who are you?
I’m just a good and a honest person with no selfishness inside.
I’m not going to tag anyone because I don’t know who haven’t done this. But I’ll tag you officially if you want to do it!



Author: Vrushali

I'm a under grad student on the path to become an accountant but that doesn't stop me from loving books, art and writing among many other things. I blog about all of them and all things that make life worth living. Check out my

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