Sunday Post #3


The Sunday Post is hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. This post is a chance for me to recap the week I’ve had on my blog and share some moments from my personal life too.
Last week to-do list:
🔹Read Are you afraid of the dark? By Sidney Sheldon and post it’s review
🔹complete the sample paper this week
🔹 Study for at least 4 hours daily
🔹 Think of a story to write
🔹If possible re-read Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
🔹Post a review of And then there were none by Agatha Christie
This week also I was not able to complete the set goals. Too bad!
But I wrote 13 posts in a week and that calls for a celebration..!!


The posts I wrote this week. Click on them if you couldn’t read them:
🔹Mini book haul for an November
🔹Look for Circles Day- 2 November
🔹This or That? Challenge #13
🔹Sandwich Day -3 November
🔹 Mini review- And then were none
🔹 Mini review- Are you afraid of the dark?
🔹 I am me
🔹 Thursday Quotables #3
🔹 Infinity Dream Award-Round two
🔹Eloquent English- The plan
🔹 Book lovers day- 7 November
🔹Reading Challenge 2015
🔹 Eloquent English #1
Now I’m not going to set any goals for next week because the whole week is my vacation and I’m not gonna stay with the targets.
My personal life-
And I won a book from a Goodreads giveaway..!


I’ll probably read it this month and I’ll post a review too!
I also started reading The Kill Order by James Dashner. I hope I can complete this in this week. And due to studies I’m not able to find time to read books. All the extra time or break time I get is utilized into writing posts.
Do tell me how your week went..


Author: Vrushali

I'm a under grad student on the path to become an accountant but that doesn't stop me from loving books, art and writing among many other things. I blog about all of them and all things that make life worth living. Check out my

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