Thursday Quotables #4

Hello, how are you? I’m fine thank you!
What a lame start! And I’m in no mood to go back and delete that line. So yeah, I’m feeling pretty lazy this week because I have my exams starting from monday and I have nothing to do but study and I’m trying really hard to concentrate on that and read other books later. And by later I mean after I have my dinner and before I go to sleep and that’s a really really less amount of time.
But I can’t complain and it’s just for 3 months but that’s a hell lot of time!


Hey I am getting astray from the main topic of my post!
Ok this is Thursday Quotables hosted by Kimberly of Bookshelf fantasies where I  highlight a great quote, line, or passage discovered during your reading each week.  Whether it’s something funny, startling, gut-wrenching, or just reallybeautifully written, it is where my favorite lines of the week will be, and you’re invited to join in!”
It’s fun!
This week I started reading Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet and think what you want but it’s not a children’s book! And it’s such a book that I can’t even describe it in a few sentences and I need a full post and I’ll definitely review it!
So this is a dialogue said by a professor to Jack, the main character of the book and it was really difficult for me to choose a quote from all the best ones and I chose this. Hope you’ll like it as I did!
” There are people out there that believe life is just something that happens to them. That they have no control over the events and circumstances they find themselves in. But the truth is, we are the ones who shape the lives we live. We are the ones that allow good things and bad things happen to us. By taking responsiblity of our actions, we are able to make our lives better. When we play the victim, we allow our lives to be miserable. If you take responsiblity for yourself, decide to make your life better- and take action to that effect- then you are the master of your own destiny. And when that happens, you are capable of great things.”
That’s all for this week! Yeah, the weekend’s getting close!
Happy Reading!



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