November e-book haul

Hello there!
I got many ebooks from authors for a review and I’ll be reading them and reviewing them which will take a lot of time. But hey, I can’t complain now when I have so much to read!
And this month I got a hell lot of books!
1) Bonners’ Fairy (Bonners’ Fairy #1)
2) A new kind of battle (Bonners’ Fairy #2)
3) Mischief and Mayhem (Bonners’Fairy #3)


Odd things have been happening lately that have put Haley Miles on edge. She and her twin brother, Henry, have strict orders from her fiancée, Valian, to wait on the other side of the fairy world of Roan until he returns for them. But it has been more than a week without any news, and Queen Lilia is still missing. Haley is growing more anxious by the day.

After Haley and her witch friend, Estelle, discover a strange footprint inside their home, they decide to ignore Valian’s command and enter the postern to learn the identity of the intruder. As the women find their way into a pub inside Roan, they meet up with a cloaked stranger who is wearing the Obsidian stone around his neck – a tool used by an evil being known for relentlessly torturing fairies. The dark power of the stone is evident everywhere.

Now it is up to Haley and her extended family to figure out how to defeat the wicked beast and destroy the stone, before it is too late.

4) Earthman Jack vs the Ghost Planet
5) The Ivory Staff

Set on an island off the eastern coast of North Africa, “The Ivory Staff” is a story about Samiyah, a young and smart yet impoverished girl who seeks to transcend her destitute class by showcasing her prowess to the regal establishment. After a run of raucous adventures, she finds herself among the daunting elite. However, having gone from the ignorant bliss of simple peasant life to the sobering misery of the base evils of power-hungry men, Samiyah faces a series of terrible personal trials liable to determine the outcome of an imminent, bloody revolution.

Rife with passionate dialog, edgy suspense, and epic conflict, this Dark Fairy Tale follows our heroine as she journeys to heal a nation broken by the internal prejudices of class warfare, armed with nothing but determination

6) The R-word


Psychological thriller with extraordinary depth
From the darkest of places, comes a story of healing and hope. In his debut novel, The R-Word, Michael Forcier deftly creates a suspenseful story of a young man’s ability to retain his dignity and human kindness, under horrendous circumstances.

We follow story of Zachary Chandler, a young man adrift in life, struggling with the complexities of sexual identity and hindered by subconscious guilt. After a night out at a bar, he wakes to find himself locked in a cage in an ominous basement. Along with two other captives, he is forced to endure torture and other abuses while striving not only to stay alive, but to maintain a sense of humanity. The key to both lies in the help of an autistic boy languishing upstairs.

So this was my ebook haul for this November! What books or ebooks did you get this month? Do comment!



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