This or That? Challenge #16

Hello my lovely buddies!


I again present this week’s This or That? Challenge hosted by Rae of Bookmark Chronicles.
This week’s topic is the most difficult of all the former ones and I almost had to keep everything aside to think about the one which I’d choose.



Now, writing this post now I don’t know which is the one I’ll choose. But I prefer to go with flow and I’ll decide in the end of this post.
Okay first I’ll talk about the DYSTOPIAN NOVELS. I don’t really know a lottt of these type of novels but I do know that Maze Runner, The Hunger Games and Divergent series come in this category and after reading them I can surely say I love them. They are suspense-driven with a very fast paced story and also a lot of confusion. “People in a totally different world” theme always attracts me to read the book. And also the story lines are all different. And you know nothing of what’s gonna happen. You can just kick your sleep away and wake the whole night to read the climax.
And now I come to MODERN DAY NOVELS. And I think I have read many contemporary romances and though I’m not a that big romance lover they were a good read. And also the story line connects as the story is happening in a world very similar to us. And this is the reason why people relate to it.
But really if I was given a choose to read only one kind of book my whole life- I’d definitely choose the Dystopian novels.
Why? Because they are great to read. I may not consider them as a literary masterpiece but they are story-oriented novels.
What do you think? Dystopia or modern world? Comment now or write your own post and link it up!
Your vote counts too!



Author: Vrushali

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