Eloquent English #6- Colour Idioms


Welcome again. As every Saturday I post Eloquent English which is a weekly meme which celebrates the English language. This month is going to be a ‘Idiom Month’.
For the last idiom post posted on 6th December click on the link below-
Eloquent English #5
This week I’m going to post some of the colour idioms. They are really interesting! Take a look.
1) Feeling blue– gloomy or depressed
2) Black looks– frowning
3) Browned off- annoyed
4) Black mood- bad mood
5) Blue moon- very rarely
6) Red carpet- treat somebody like royalty
7) Pink with pleasure- very happy
8) Golden opportunity- the perfect chance
9) Of blue blood- aristocrat
10) Black sheep of a group- odd or bad member
11) Green signal- permission to continue
12) Green about the cost- inexperienced
13) Into red- in debt
14) Green with envy- very jealous
15) Be yellow- be a coward
16) Black out- loss of electricity
17) Black list- list of unwanted people
18) White lie- insignificant lie
19) Green- jealous of other person’s property
20) Black & white- simple and clear

That’s all for this week. If you have any more colour idioms you can always share them!
Have a happy weekend!  😀



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