Friday Art #1

This is a new thing on my blog. I love to ramble and what’s better than speaking your heart out. And it’s going to be a Ramble+Discussion+Artwork. I’ll make an artwork or do a quote-art and conclude by some incident or just leave it there. 🎨
So you can take part in this discussion too by leaving your comments down below! 👇🏻


And I’m not like this. Yeah sometimes I like to travel but I’m not a girl who will just travel and travel and travel. I like to be home. Doing nothing but still doing something! (I know that sounds crazy)
I’d rather sit cuddling under the blankets in front of the TV eating pizza than going on a trip somewhere.
Though I like adventures. Skiing, para gliding and bungee jumping are all my favorite (I haven’t done bungee jumping yet but I wish I’ll do sometime soon)
Two years ago, in ny summer vacation me and my family went to Goa, India (my Indian friends will know where it is) and if you don’t know then don’t bother Googling it. Its a place with lots of beaches.
And the trip was planned by my father and he gave us as a surprise and of course we all loved it. And I’ll mention, ‘we’ in context of me, my mother and my younger brother.
We went there with no proper schedule and did each activity spontaneously and visited only the places we felt like visiting. We did what we felt like. We slept when we felt like and ate whenever we felt like. To sum up all, we had fun because we were doing what we liked.
And it was probably the best vacation I had in my life. Though there are more places I visited but I don’t really remember them because I was very little then.
And then came the winter vacations of that same year and we were lucky enough to go to Bangkok(Thailand) that year with my father’s office colleagues. And it was my first outside-India trip and I thought it would be the most special one.
And we went there as a group of about 30 families and we had to follow a tight schedule. We had to get up at 6 (I suck at leaving the bed in the morning so I had the hardest time of all) and have breakfast till 8 in the morning. And we had to visit all the places on time and even if we enjoyed any place more than others we had to leave on time because of the schedule.-_-
It was the worst thing in the world. Bangkok was a beautiful place to see and enjoy and I didn’t enjoy it in between that running and getting ready and then coming to the hotel at 11 pm and waking up again at 6. It somehow drained me.
Then I knew. If we do the things we like, nothing seems like an obligation. Do the things you love and you’ll feel more alive. Do what you love and you will excel.
By the way that was my own self-made quote. Thank you!
Artwork: Made by me
Until next time my friends…till then
Happy reading and do only what you love! 🙂



Author: Vrushali

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  1. Yeah well said I stick with what my mind says to matter the result would be…but I am sure it will be always on our side:)by the way your trip to goa is the one I wish to go hope I will make it the coming years;)

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