Eloquent English #7- More idioms!


Welcome back! This month is Idiom Month so today too will be a idiom related post. You can see the previous two posts down below-
~Eloquent English #5-Interesting idioms and their origin
~Eloquent English #6-Colour idioms

This week I decided to do a mix of all idioms. Hope you enjoy and learn too!
1) To sit on the fence- not making a clear choice regarding some issue
2) To cover all of one’s bases- to thoroughly prepare for or deal with a situation
3) To hold one’s horses- to stop and wait patiently
4) Turns the table- reverses condition
5) A far cry- a long way off
6) By hook or by crook- by any means, fair or foul
7) Herculean task- difficult task
8) Tall talk- exaggerated manner
9) Feather in your cap- a proud achievement
10) Talking through his hat- talking nonsense
11) On the wane- declining
12) The bare bones- the main points
13) Burning question- widely debated issue
14) Eat his heart out- suffer silently
15) To cut corners- take the shortest way
16) Real white elephant- very expensive but useless
17) Burnt his fingers- got himself into trouble
18) Left high and dry- rejected
19) Come round- agreed
20) Cross purposes- misunderstanding each other
21) Pros and cons- good and bad points
22) All ears- fully focused
23) Fair weather friend- selfish
24) Read between the lines- read which is not expressed very clearly

That’s all for this Idiom Month.
I hope I’ve not bored you with only idioms this month. Lol.
You must be thinking with one more Saturday remaining in this month why am I ending this. You’ll get to know that next Saturday! I’m good at creating suspense! Hehe…
Until then…
Keep Reading! 🙂



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