Review- The Blow-up Man by Nina Blakeman


About the book:
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Date of publish: 16 November 2015
Pages: 427
S.R.P.: $19.95

Book cover blurb
It has been said that you really never know someone, but what happens when you don’t know yourself? Thirty-year-old Faye Brady has had a sheltered life. With a deceased father, and an emotionally detached mother, Faye exists in a world derived from the imagination of the many authors she’s read …and falling in love means living happily ever after.

Life without a father has left Faye with many unresolved issues. These are major contributors to her falling long and hard for her older mentor, Dr. Todd Davis. Dr. Todd Davis is a well-respected researcher in the area of pharmaceutical sciences, and it’s under his direction that Faye earns her PhD. He’s handsome and his intellect, experience, and confidence are powerful enticements that draw Faye into his world.

Faye’s mother, Madeline Brady, is concerned about her daughter’s relationship with Todd. Faye interprets her concerns as intrusive, but its Todd’s age and baggage that cause Madeline to worry. Fourteen years ago, Todd had a relationship with a woman named Annette Dolce. Annette has father issues of her own. But unlike Faye, she’s impulsive, manipulative, and dangerous. She’s also the mother of Todd’s twin girls.

When Todd informs Annette of his decision to marry Faye, the psychologically disturbed Annette is pushed to the edge. Faye is frightened of Annette … and she should be. The world of books has left Faye totally unprepared to deal with Annette. Does Faye have what it takes to overcome the toxic mistakes of Todd’s past before it’s too late?

The story starts when Annette, ex-wife of Dr. Todd is hating his girlfriend Faye. Annette is just a possessive ex-wife who doesn’t know the limits. Todd and Annette have twin girls, Ella and Emma. They are 13 year olds and Emma is a Annette-type of girl (oh my, I used her name as an adjective) and Ella is a sweet little girl who is often seen as a freak by her mother and Emma (which she is not). The story really begins when Todd marries Faye and jealousy jumps in Annette. She decided of an evil plan to teach Faye a lesson because she married her ex-husband. I hate her! Who does that? And then you have to read the book for yourself because I’m a good girl and I don’t give away spoilers.

The story mainly revolved around Faye, Annette and Todd. Where Faye was a caring and good person, Annette was a pure evil character. I don’t know how but I started hating Annette from the first 100 pages only. She has that negative vibe and she doesn’t know how to talk to people and she ends up being alone. And I still don’t pity her! And one of the twins, Emma is too like Annette and she’s always bullying her sister Ella who is verbally insulted by her mother and yet she keeps quiet and doesn’t tell a soul about it. Poor girl! But in the end she acts like a brave hero and saves the day.
And Todd is a normal man who is also a professor and he is torn between his ex-wife Annette and his current girlfriend-turned-wife Faye.

Writing style
The writing style was really good and it kept me glued to my chair (not literally) and never in the book I got confused of any incident. Once I started reading it I went with the smooth flow and I enjoyed it. There were about 3-4 instances of mentioning of biological theories and though I skipped them because I didn’t understand them, I loved the book. And I’d reread it too.

My review
Do you have a book which you guessed that it would be not so good (judging by the cover) and when you really read it, it’s just awesome. It’s that type of novel.
But I don’t know why the author named it The Blow-up Man? I didn’t get the title. But rest the book is awesome.
My rating- 4/5

About the author:
Nina Blakeman, BSN, PhD is an experienced professional with diverse experiences as a writer, nurse, educator, and administrative professional. She’s an avid golfer and fan of the Green Bay Packers. She lives in rural West Texas with her husband and their three dogs, Lambeau, Goobie, and Dingo.

*I received a copy of this book by the author and Bostick Communications.*
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4 thoughts on “Review- The Blow-up Man by Nina Blakeman”

  1. Hi Vrushali, it’s Nina Blakeman, the author of Blow-up Man. Thank you for the positive review! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Infused into this story is a little bit of psychology, a little bit of physiology and pharmaceutical science, and a lot of drama. It also addresses some social issues that plague the American family, such as illegitimacy and absent fathers. It’s not always a matter of who’s your daddy, but where’s your daddy. It’s not necessary to pick up on everything to enjoy this book—I tried to reach a wide audience. For readers to find out more about why it is named The Blow-up Man, they can reference my blog @ Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for the review. P.S. As far as the cover, the broken down farm building/coop with the bleak background is representative of the desolation Annette leaves in her wake.

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    1. Thank you so much for sending this book. I’m sure I’ll be rereading it next year. and I got the reason for the cover. I was just confused for the title.
      Again a big thank you!! 😀


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