This or That? Challenge #21- Male OR Female Authors?


Hey book lovers and non book lovers too…
I’m back with this week’s This or That? Challenge post. If you don’t know, this challenge is hosted by Rae at BookmarkChronicles and she gives two scenarios or characters to choose from and on Friday she chooses a winner, which is the most voted. So let’s get started on this week’s choices..

Do you tend to read more by male or female authors? looks easy but when I went into the question I had to really think a lot. Like I’ve read many female authors but I’ve read male ones too. And when I’m glancing at my bookshelf,  I realise I’ve more owned books by males.
But yes, I’ve read females from the library but I don’t really own them.
Some of the male authors I’ll recommend and I read are Stephen King, Dan Brown, James Dashner (the Maze Runner series is awesome!), Khalid Hosseni, Paulo Coelho, Robin Cook and Sidney Sheldon.
So yeah..I think I’ve read more males but I’ve not really counted how many I’ve read of whom. I’m too lazy to that but yeah.
That’s all for this week. And do tell me which of them you read more of.



Author: Vrushali

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16 thoughts on “This or That? Challenge #21- Male OR Female Authors?”

  1. To be honest I read more female authors just cause I’m more into teenage girl books like romance and real life stories which are all often written by woman. But I do read male author books too, it just depends!

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  2. Without checking my books, would I say more male authors than female. But I think it just because I don’t read much romance novels. But I’ve read a lot of wonderful crime novels lately by female authors. 🙂

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    1. Same here! I’m too not a romance reader though I enjoy light romances here and there. I’m inclined more towards horror and thriller which is a male-dominating genre but there are many female author emerging.
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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