Review- The Gay Detective by Kenneth D. Michaels

The storms and calamities would still continue. The difference was I’d be going it alone.


Book cover blurb
The premier of Nick Scott’s TV talk show, The Gay Detective,  appears to be a big hit until his first guest ends up murdered. Nick, also a gay detective with the Chicago Police Department, and his older, straight partner Detective Norm Malone hunt this heinous serial killer tagged The Reaper. This odd couple encounters both personal and professional conflict as this successful noir thriller races to a suprise conclusion that leaves Nick and Norm battling for their lives.
The story starts where Nick Scott, the host of The Gay Detective show and also a detective has his debut episode with a guest and next day the guest is found murdered in his house with several gibberish words written on his dead body. And this happens with two more guests.
Nick and his straight detective partner Norm investigate who is behind all these murders and stop him before it’s too late.
Nick Scott is gay and is a really sweet person. Unfortunately his partner Darren is too murdered and now Nick seeks revenge. He transforms a lot after Darren’s death.
Norman Malone (short name Norm) is a straight guy and he is never the same after his wife’s death. He remains serious at first but then, even though the age difference, they both become great friends and this shows a gay person can be friends with a straight guy. (This is what the author says in the novel)
Writing style
The writing style was great. I thought as if I was reading into the thoughts of Nick and sometimes his poor jokes and also his pain made me connect with him. I wish the novel could be more long considering it was nearly 250 pages. I wanted the story to build up more although it built up murders of four people to finally find the murderer. I just wished I knew how the murderer did his job, I mean how he managed to get past everyone and he committed the crime and then acted as if everything was normal.
Providing a second point of view could’ve also helped the novel and made it even more engaging than it was.
My review
I started reading it and I figured I can’t put it down because I wanted to know who was the killer. I wanted ro know how will Nick find him. But unfortunately I guessed the killer! Eeek! I didn’t mean to put so much brain into it but I couldn’t resist the case and my inner Sherlock Holmes did his job.
But still, if you don’t guess it then it will be a bomb for you knowing who really murdered them all. I guess it was a good read and I always enjoy reading suspense novels.
This was the first installment in The Gay Detective series which is yet to come. The second one will trace Nick and Norm in Key West.

*I received this copy in exchange of a review from the author and Bostick Communications.*



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