Review- The Ghost by Robert Harris

Hello everybody!
I’m back! And I’m feeling real good. Thank you for commenting and showing your love. It means a lot and I felt great reading your words. I was really in a low place and I felt like doing nothing. It happens to me when I over-think a situation but I never share them with anyone. But I don’t know why I felt like sharing it and I did. And I considered it better than thinking to myself.
Anyway, I had the longest blog inactivity now. 3 days! I know I’m insane but blogging has a specified time my schedule and I do it every day and sometimes twice a day too! So I just want to catch up on very few things that happened to me during these non-blogging days.
My exams started on Monday. And they’re so tiring to study for even if I’ve prepared for them in the winter holidays. I have to get up on winter mornings and dress up. And you know how I being a lazy, lazy girl finds it hard to do?
And also I went into my first ever reading slump! Congratulations to me. *self shoulder pat*
And I hate the feeling when I don’t feel like reading a book. It’s so frustrating. It’s like not feeling like eating food. Right? So I decided to go on a book-hiatus. Meaning if I don’t feel like reading anything, I’ll not try to read anything. Simple. But really it’s that simple, because I tend to get bored easily without any reading to do.
Anyways, I forgot I have a book to review today!
And I borrowed this from a friend and she warned me that it has some politics in it. Like basic politics. And sadly I don’t really know that. But I still wanted to give it a try. And for the sake of Popsugar Reading Challenge 2016! Okay, I admit I cheated on this one. One of the challenges say-‘ A political memoir’. And since this whole book is about writing of a political memoir (though it’s purely fictional) I’ll consider it a win!
So let’s start.

The fact is a big name alone doesn’t sell a book. We’ve all learned that the hard way. What sells a book- or a movie- is heart.


Book cover blurb
A body washes up on the deserted coastline of America’s most exclusive holiday retreat. But this is no open-and-shut case of suicide.
For Mike McAra was a man who knew too much. As aide to one of the most controversial men on the planet- Britain’s former prime minister, holed up in a remote ocean-front house to finish his memoirs- he stumbled across secrets which will cost him his life.
When a ghost writer is sent out to rescue the project it could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Or the start of a deadly assignment propelled by deception and intrigue- from which there will be no escape…

Oh what a story! What a story! The best part was that it was written in first person and I loved how it unfolded and presented itself before me and I was left wanting for more.
The novel starts when the narrator (his name is mentioned even once in the novel!) hears of how Mike McAra, the former ghost writer of Adam Lang, former prime minister of Britain was found on a beach.
Now our narrator is made the new ghost writer of Adam Lang and he has to complete Lang’s memoirs within a month.
And during his writing, he find some mysterious revelations which were first found by McAra. Were these secrets a reason he died? Did McAra knew too much? And now that our narrator does too know all this, does this mean a threat to his life too?
Read for yourself. I’m too good to tell you the whole story!
And also what a plot twist! I was so engrossed in the novel and when the twist happened I was nearly searching for words to describe what the hell just happened!

The trouble is, once you start thinking about a thing, you can’t always make yourself stop.

The characters, specially the narrator were perfect for this novel and in a way they should be. There were no nothing-happening-in-the-story pages. And it was full of action. All the characters in the story, be it Amelia Bly, Adam Lang’s Secretary or Ruth, Lang’s wife, everyone were given equal amount of space and no one outsmarted each other.

I love that moment when a drab grey landscape flickers out of sight beneath you, and the plane tunnels up through the cloud to burst into the sunshine. Who can be depressed at ten thousand feet when the sun is shining and the other poor saps are still stuck on the ground?

Writing style
The writing style was good keeping in mind the setting and I liked how I was able to think like the narrator and act like him. It was a easy read and no unnecessary jargon was added to make it look mature.

All the good books are different but all bad books are the same. And what they all have in common, these bad books, be they novels or memoirs, is this: they don’t ring true.

My review
I’d truly recommend it if you’re a political-genre-loving maniac person. And to all those who would like a little break from the same ol’ repeated cliché stories.
My rating– 4.5/5



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  1. Haha! We are alike on the subject of not liking when we don’t feel like reading. I can’t stand it. I usually also have to give myself a little break from reading in hopes I will feel that zest again. 🙂

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