Review- Bus Bench by Wes Bundy

Hey people! I didn’t wanted to write a review for this one because I didn’t like it. Yes, I can’t even give it one star also. But I decided that I should write about it and why I disliked it and if people should read it or not. That’s what a true book blogger does, right? Tell the truth about the book!
So let’s get started..


The story started when an 17 year old gets raped and turns a mother which she is not ready for. She ends her life two days later and her child, Gerry is then adopted by a couple. The couple cares for Gerry and he grows up. Then he has a celebrity crush. Tammy Whitlock is a news reporter and he loves her. And he saves enough money to meet her and seriously goes to meet her. And though she’s a lot older than him, he is determined to bring her back to his home and live happily ever after. But for that he kills many people,  like really. He kills Tammy’s husband and son and 2-3 people just because they were annoying.
Ohh..the characters. We really don’t get to know a lot of people other than Gerry. Most of them are annoying or running after money or committing some crime.
Writing style
The writing style was okay-ish. I didn’t really like it but I didn’t hated it also. Yes, I didn’t hate the writing mainly because I hated the story and the writing could’ve been better if the story had something in it. And after a few pages I felt that it didn’t have a plot. Just a story that was made on the way and author didn’t bother to polish it. If the story would’ve been slight better or something different, the author would’ve been more successful.
I would seriously not recommend it. It was a close DNF for me, but I carried on because of the guilt I get when I leave a book midway.
I would not give it any stars or a maybe one star but really the book was not for me.



Author: Vrushali

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