Friday Art #5- Indian Bride

Hi! I’m back from the long study vacation aka my exams!
I’ve been meaning to write another update post but I skipped and instead I’m doing with one of my own meme today (lucky me, it’s Friday today!)


This I drew long ago, sorry I don’t remember when because I have a bad habit of not writing the date on the painting.
This is a typical Indian bride dressed in her attire with the traditional lehenga (it’s a combination of a long skirt and a short top but with just more bling!), jewelry of course, orhni (a cloth to cover the face and in fact the whole head!) and the signature pose of the bride where she blushes to complete the look.
Here I gave an insight of how an Indian bride looks. And unlike a bride wearing a white gown we here in India wear the most colourful bridal dress.
And…Happy Reading!



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