Book Review- Disappearing Honeymooner by Pamela Troutman

Hi bookish people!

I’m back with a book review. I read this back in January and I didn’t get the time to express my views about it but because now that my exams are over, I’ve to catch up on the pending book reviews and also reading books sitting on my shelf.

These few reviews which I’ll be posting in the coming few days will be according to my old style, but I’m changing the way I review books very soon. I’m trying to make it more informative and detailed rather than just snippets of what I think.

So moving on..



Leonard Townsend, the private detective, is happily planning a trip to Mexico on his newly purchased sailboat when a young woman named Ellie shows up. She is a honeymooner and she explains that her new husband has just disappeared. She wants Len to find her husband for her. Len reluctantly agrees to help. So Ellie tells Len about her brief romance, her hasty marriage and answers all his questions. The more Len hears, the more he wishes he had already left on his sailboat adventure because this case looks unpleasant. But there was a whole lot more to come…


Oh my god, the book cover didn’t make me think of this as an amazing book. Like really when I first looked at the cover, I was unsure about if I even wanted to read it. But I’m glad that I did because the story was engaging, fast and so well written.

Reading this book really made me think upon my talent of guessing the killer, or in this case the kidnapper, but I couldn’t have guessed the end of this book for ages! Great work done and kudos to the author.


The characters were well written especially Len because he kind of transformed from being a detective to better detective, I don’t know if that even makes sense?! He cared for Ellie and he guininely tried to fix things up, failed several times and then finally ended the case without getting anyone being hurt.

Ellie was the ‘damsel in distress’ and I thought of her as a evil woman would’ve killed her husband and probably kicked him from the top of a cliff, but as the story continued I began to realise she was not how I thought her to be. Instead turned out to be more stupid, doing things which she was especially warned for.

Walter was a policeman and a ood friend of Len’s and he was funny and sarcastic and I loved reading the coversation between them. He helped in solving the case and appointed his men for additional help for Len.


I liked the writing style at it was fast and definitely what was needed in this kind of book. I liked the was everything was described in first person and I could read Len’s thoughts and feelings. Also the story went smoothly and not once I stopped to think of how some incident took place without my prior knowledge of it.


I didn’t really liked the book cover as it didn’t went with book at all. It just looked like some person ready for a holiday book cover, which I get it, as it was the main story after all but I personally think it should feel more like a mystery than a sunny scene of a man wearing a pink t-shirt and shorts standing near a swimming pool!


All in all, the book pretty much grabbed my attention for very long and I had no intention of DNF’ing it.

I review the whole book and not just the content inside so I would give it 4 stars and not 5 because of the wrong cover choice.

But I think you should all give it a try if you love mystery novels or if you just feel like changing your regular genre and reading something else.

That’s all for now, and I’ll be writing more reviews so keep an eye!

*I received a copy of this book from the author, Pamela Troutman and Bostick Communications. A very special thanks to them.*


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