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Hello everyone! I’ve finally completed school and I’m already missing it. and when I say I miss school, I mean my friends and the fun. Not the school.

Anyway, I found this great tag on Averyawkwardblog and I loved it. SERIOUSLY. And just when I completed reading it, I wanted to do it!


And here I am with my awesome friend, Sejal, answering some fun questions! Let’s start then…

1) How and when did you meet? 

Me: I met her in class 10. Until then I only saw her in school. But I’m glad I got to know her.

Sejal: I met her in 10th class first, before that I just knew she were very studious..😃😃😃


2) What are your favourite memories together? 

Me: Oh my…there are a lot of them. I often remember laughing together and talking on the phone for hours and yes I’ll always remember how she took my specs and acted all innocent when I started searching for them. And never in the world I could guess that they were with her. And I sat there with her guessing who would’ve taken them and still I couldn’t find them.

And then she appeared with them. And then we ended up laughing at my stupidity and her acting skills.

Sejal: Everything …. Our talks, our laughter. We can laugh at anything but I remember the funniest incident that when I hid her specs and acted so innocent . I bet I acted really well as while searching her specs she came to me and said her someone else must have hid the specs and that was so funny and there’s one more: our endless talks on phone even mobile gets tired so much it disconnected our calls by itself…


3) Describe each other in one word.

Me: ‘Insanely funny’. Wait. That’s two words. Is it allowed?

Sejal: Ummm…we’re very same. So ‘Same’.



4) What’s your best friend’s dream job? 

Me: I think she wants to be an investment banker. I don’t know what that means but surely it’s a fancy job with a awesome salary! What else to expect?!

Sejal: She actually wanted to be Chartered Accountant . Yesss it sounds really corporate type.. but she should be a library owner as she just love books and only books….


5) What’s your best friend’s favourite makeup brand? 

Me: She doesn’t apply make up. And I don’t think she’s the make-up type. She and I are same in this. No make up. Come on, we’re children!

Not really?!

Sejal: makeup…. ? I don’t really think she uses it but if she does then I don’t know…

Me: I don’t!


6) What is something that annoys you about the other person?

Me: Ummm…ummmm… after a lot of unnecessary thinking I think I don’t like how sometimes she doesn’t say anything and chooses to remain silent. A problem decreases when shared.

That’s deep.

Sejal: There is nothing like annoying in her but still she gets irritated and start acting weird about certain things….


7) If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be?

Me: Let me think. She just had an Europe trip, so I’d love to go there with her.

Sejal: We would surely plan an adventurous trip but first we will go to 😃😃NEW YORK…..😃😃😃


8) Favourite inside joke?

Me: I don’t think we have any inside joke. We tend to laugh at anything stupid and it also be anything serious. Seriously, we’re mad. We can laugh at anything.

Sejal: I don’t think there is any inside joke….

Me: See? We’re same!


9) My best friend looks beautiful when _________

Me: She laughs and cries at the same time. Yes, she can do that. Whenever someone makes her laugh very hard, her eyes fill with tears and she seems to be laughing while crying!

Sejal: When she wears her attitude. No, I think her smile…..


10) Your best friend’s favourite season? 

Me: I think she likes winter. Because you can wear hoodies in winter and she has a whole collection of different colour hoodies.

Sejal: According to me she like the rainy season the most…..

Me: Aaannnnddd…we’re both correct!


That’s all for this tag! I had fun and I know you’ll have too! So what are you waiting for? Grab your best friend and answer!



Author: Vrushali

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