Book Review- If it’s not love by Syed Arshad

I just read “If it’s not love”. Read ahead for my review!

if it's not love


Was there a person in your life, who touched your heart, like nobody else ever did, whose letters of gifts are still safe in your secret closet, whose memories still bring the deepest of smiles and whose name still leaves your lips trembling and heart racing?

At some point in time you might have thought, “It’s not love”, and you let go, but a part of you keeps telling you shouldn’t have, because deep down your heart, you feel the indelible presence if the one you still miss so badly.

Well; what is it then… “If it’s not love”.


The plot somewhat resembles the Indian love story starting where two strangers meet and start talking, slowly they feel they are falling for each other but here, they both are too stubborn to know it really is love.

They constantly deny loving each other and even then stay with each other. When they are not together they feel empty, the feeling of love develops here.

The story is predictable and I know that it’s not a love story because both are busy denying that they are any more than friends. There is a twist in the end but still the book looks plain.


The main character Aarav likes a girl Ada and they become best friends. They talk to each other and are fun but Aarav flirts with her too much and Ada doesn’t seem to notice, and even if she notices, she doesn’t care.

Aarav’s friend Neil is his colleague and is in a relationship with a girl named Sakshi, until she marries some other guy. Neil is just the supporting character and so his story is not given much importance. Apparently he LOVED Sakshi but when she marries another boy, Neil doesn’t seem to get affected. He acts all cool and smokes a cigarette.

I don’t want to complain much but the Aarav and Neil are shown smoking too many times. Have a break? Smoke. Have a party? Smoke. Have a breakup? Smoke. Want to chill? Smoke.


There is a good point here and a bad point too.

I’ll go with the good one first. The author included many messaging conversations which is good and I was enjoying myself and the pages flew very fast then. They messaged like normal people would which made me believe ‘they are real’.

Not the bad point. I felt like the novel was not correctly edited. I mean, the writing was good but what bugged me was the formatting.

If two people are talking, their dialogues are written without any change of paragraph. For example,

“Hello, how are you?” A said with a smile “I haven’t seen you since last Christmas” laughing B said.

Repeated use of putting their dialogues in a single paragraph confused me at some point and I had to read again to know who said what.


I’ll see this as a very light read as I completed this in less than a day.

You’ll like this if:

  • You like romance genre
  • You like reading messages in slang language and short forms like real people use
  • You don’t care about the story and are emotional anyway


You’ll NOT like this if:

  • You are a grammar Nazi
  • You don’t like romance genre
  • You like books with feelings



Author: Vrushali

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