DAY 1 – World Water Colour Day

Hey everybody!


This will be a new series of posts in July because July is the World Water Colour Month and what’s best than to celebrate it with a watercolour artwork every day for the whole of July!

So here’s my Day 1 artwork and I drew this because I just wanted to practice using water colours. And so I ended up doing this.

This is what my practice looks like!

So basically what I did was that I drew some random different sizes of circles and kept some of them as overlapping. Then I just painted the background with black water colour and the rest of the circles random colours but made sure that the circles are of bright colours as they would seem good as opposed to the black background.

Then I also used this for a border in one of my projects but a little more neatly. And I loved how I was able to use this as a border.

And this is how I used this as a border!

Water colour to me is free flowing. I don’t necessarily lead it but it has a path of its own and it follows it.

Watercolour tip:- Use a lot of water when using water coulours. As their name suggests water colour should be used with more water than any other paint to give it that texture that it demands.

Also take a look at Charlie O’Shields Day 1 here.

You want to take the challenge? You could! There are 30 more days of Water Colour left!


Author: Vrushali

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