Book Review- Inferno by Dan Brown

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”



To tell you the truth, I loved this book. It is filled with real references of artwork, literature and science. This book tackles the topic of over population.

Robert Langdon, an art professor and a symbolist, wakes up in a hospital and doesn’t know how he reached here. And the strange thing is he was in Florence.

The novel then follows Robert and the doctor he met in the hospital, Sienna Brooks, when he struggles to decode the clues in the language of Dante to reach Bertrand Zobrist, a Dante maniac who hid a deadly virus somewhere in the world for Robert to find.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this book and there’s one twist (I’ll not spoil anything for you!) and I was sitting with the book and at one time I nearly banged the book on my head for not discovering how the story twisted!

My expression was like this:




This book is the proof that there can be a main character written that can be connected to such a level that after some time I visualized and thought of him as a real human being. He didn’t occupy most of the space but gave way for more diverse characters. Robert is a professor and he is dragged into a mystery which he tries to unlock.

Sienna is a mysterious woman and she tries to hide her past from Langdon but in the later section of the book, it comes out and stuns Robert. She supports Robert well and is beside him in every adventure.

There are many more different characters and all of them play a significant role in deciding the course for this story.


At first, the story started with a few lines of Dante’s Inferno and that confused me and I thought about how the writing is very difficult to understand. But then I tried to read again and it was really simple. After a few chapters, I didn’t want to stop, not even to eat food. I sat with the book and ate the food without actually stopping the reading. *PLEASE DON’T TRY EATING FOOD WHILE READING A BOOK, YOU CAN RISK DESTRYING THE BOOK COMPLETELY!*


You’ll like it if:

  • You’d like this if you find history interesting.
  • You’d like this if you want to read something that’s set in the real world.
  • If you like to read a big list of characters and sub plots rather than just the main character’s story.

You’ll not like it if:

  • You’d not like this if you don’t like history
  • You’ll not like it if you don’t read the books that are set in the real world
  • You want a light read

I’ll happily give that 5 stars out of 5! Read it if you get a chance!



Author: Vrushali

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