Book Review- The Last Burning of New London by Danielle Myers [AN AWESOME BOOK!]



Hundreds of years in the future, Jacks watches the burners murder her parents on her front lawn. She grows up on the streets of New London, a citizen of the Empire. She survives as a pickpocket, helping those in need when she can , hiding from the DRT and the Emperor’s reach. Until one day she meets Corry and Zira, leaders of The Flames – the resistance.

The Flames wage an underground battle with the Empire, leaving lit candles in their wake as a symbol of their defiance. Secrets hidden by the Empire stand in the way as their efforts to save their world, but secrets of their own could tear the group apart before they even get the chance.

JACKS is a pickpocket. JEREMY is a loner. FINN is a genius.

ADDY is a flirt. CORRY is a decoder. And ZIRA is their leader.


This book takes place hundred years ahead in a place called New London which is now under Emperor Donovan. He is cruel and evil and often the rebels are burned down with their house by the DRT agents who work for Donovan.

Jacks is a pickpocket and an orphan now. She lives in the streets and is well aware of the people and places. The Flames is a group that is known to all but never seen by anybody because they are a resistance group. Jacks herself was part of a group and they were all killed by DRT and so she is reluctant to enter into another group and watch its similar fate but her destiny has different plans for her because she lands directly into The Flames.

The Flames is a group of 5 children who each have their own reasons to hate Donovan and his Empire.

They come together to fight him but their own secrets proves fatal for the survival of the group.

“You want to know the real reason I stayed with The Flames?” she asked. “Not because I hated Donovan. Not to save lives. The real reason I stayed was because I missed my gang. Losing them hurt so bad, and I was sick and lonely. I couldn’t stand to live on my own, again. That’s the real story of my heroic actions.” she laughed to herself, a pained expression on her face.

I stared down at my hands for a few seconds, carefully considering the chips in my nails. “That’s better than me, at least,” I mumbled. “I joined for the food.”



There are 6 children that are part of The Flames:

Jacks a pickpocket and she meets The Flames and she enters it. She is small and is closed person as she never had anyone to confide in after her parents were gone. She finds a great friend in Jeremy who also is like her.

Zira the leader of The Flames is very similar to Jacks because she too doesn’t like talking much. She has her secrets which in turn reveal themselves in the book.

Corry Zira’s friend. He is by her at all times and cares for her very much. He is decoder and decodes any message that is important.

Jeremy is also an orphan and considers himself useless until Jacks entered the group. His sense of humour and sarcasm is the things that was so good that made me read the book and wish that it never ended.

“Jeremy” she said. “You promised you weren’t going to be throwing yourself in front of any bullets, remember?”

“Well, it wasn’t a bullet, was it?” I pointed out.

“There was a bullet in your leg”, she argued.

“Well, that one came straight at me. There was no throwing involved.”

You said you wouldn’t do anything insane.”

“You’re the problem.” I told her crossly.


“You,” I repeated. “Until you came along I was positively useless. Not a drop of hero blood in my veins. And now, suddenly, I’m doing things that are crazy and reckless and insane and… hmmm…worthwhile. I think that’s the word I’m looking for.”

Addy and Finn are twins. Finn is a computer geek and genius and he made all the gadgets to help The Flames tackle the DRT. Addy is a happy-go-lucky girl and her enthusiasm is extremely infectious. She dresses in all the rainbow colours, at once but is caring and sweet.


The writing style was very good for this book and all the dialogues and conversations were spot on. I was laughing half the time because someone would crack a joke in the most serious of times (Jeremy did!) and in real life too someone would ask a stupid question at the time when everyone is serious. And so all the conversations were absolutely relatable.

The characters were written so good that after I ended reading it, I realised they were like real people to me. I knew everything about them, their dressing sense, their humour and the things they did and the feeling of 6 friends (I’m sure) would make me reread the book yet again.


You’ll like it if:

  • You’re a human.
  • You love the tales with a little bit of everything: love, friendship, courage.
  • You love reading young adult fiction.
  • You would love reading a book written by Danielle Myers when she was just 17!

You’ll not like it if:

  • If there’s problem with you. (In that case please consult a doctor immediately)
  • If you don’t like Young Adult books.
  • You don’t like reading about the future world.

I’ll give it 5/5 stars!

*I would give a big thanks to the author Danielle Myers and RainTown Press for providing me with a signed hardcover copy of the book. It’s beautiful.*


Hers’s a link to a contest. Please visit this link to get read this book online. Trust me it’ll be worth your time. 


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