Book Review – The Black Tattoo by Sam Enthoven



The creature had reared up in its true form, a frozen man-sized explosion of pink custard like stuff. It wobbled and shook. Big bubbles formed and popped on its skin, belching out words.

‘Fresh!’ it burped, ‘Fresh meat! Fresh meat!’

‘Whatever,’ said Jack – and sighed. Yep, he thought.

Gang up on the new guy. In some ways, when it came down to it, Hell was really pretty predictable…


The main story revolves around 3 kids and a demon loose from Hell known as the ‘Scourge’. The story starts with 2 boys Jack and Charlie where Charlie is the dominant one and Jack simply hangs around with him. After a conversation with a mysterious stranger Charlie is chosen to be the leader of a gang that protects the Earth from the Scourge aka the demon from Hell. Now a weird black tattoo comes to life under Charlie’s skin and it is all unknown what it really is.

They both meet Esme, a girl who’s being training her whole life to fight the Scourge (because her father was a fighter too!). And when she comes to know that Charlie is the new leader she is very angry.

The story moves forward and there are many revelations about the story and the characters. At last this is a story about bravery, friendship, good over evil and most importantly how the side character of Jack turns into the hero of the story.


The characters were so awesome and so true! I mean they were all the way they should have been – witty and childish. The character of Jack was the most awesome of them all because he always had these little sarcastic comments that always made me giggle.

Charlie was purely – ugh I can’t even say because that’ll ruin the book for you. Esme was the most graceful fighter of all the female characters of all. She was brave and wasn’t scared of whatever the circumstances were. There are some things I so want to tell you but I can’t! (They are all spoilers!)

And how could I forget the characters of Scourge and God himself! And let me tell you that God really is a kind and sarcastic person! Well portrayed!


The writing style was the most unique of all the books I’ve ever read!

Just look at all the fonts and the things that the author did to make the reader know the alterations in the tone and voice of a certain character.



And also the fighting sequences requires a special mention because they were described so beautifully that it felt like a little movie playing inside my head.


I would happily give this 5/5 stars. Sometimes I think I’m giving too many stars to book but they’re all such a little thing of happiness that I can’t even..

You’ll like it if:

  • You like a little action in books
  • You want to read more about the concept of Heaven and Hell

You’ll not like it if:

  • You don’t like books with a little action in them
  • You don’t like children as main characters

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