When You Think You Are Alone, You Are Not



Dear reader,

This is a letter to let you know you’re not alone. Just believe in yourself and in good times. There would be times you’ll laugh like the world doesn’t exist and there will be times when that ‘someone’ who was your world will leave you.

People will let you down. That’s the truth.

In this short, yet a very long life you will find many people; the ones who were your friends and decided not to, the people who were close to you but found it easy not to.

Their cowardice will hurt you. It’ll break you and you’ll never feel you’ll be able to recover from it. But you will. You will recover from it alone and you yourself can do it all. All you’ll need is a little courage and you can conquer.

Some will hurt you and some will leave you. And all you can do is ‘detach’. Detach from them, detach from the world. Remember them for what they taught you. Remember them for the moments you spent with them without any regrets. Remember them for the change they brought in your life and in you.

Remember them for the person they were. Remember them for the person they made you into. The strengths and weakness both they gave you. The happy and sad memories they gave you. The things they taught you. The things you learnt with them. The time you spent with them. The things you planned to do with them. The things you couldn’t do.

They may not be present in your life now but their presence was crucial for you and it is now because you developed into a better and stronger person you are.

Forgive them for what they did. Forgive yourself for what you experienced. But never forget the part they played in your life. How once you laughed with them so joyously thinking the day didn’t have a tomorrow. Thinking that you would remain that way for the rest of your life.

But you didn’t. And that’s okay. When they chose to move on, they made you independent. They released you from the burden of pleasing them. You are free now. You are free and beautiful and independent.

What happened if you lost one bird while flying? There are still more flocks to find the one you’re searching for. Till then just keep searching and keep learning. Because we can always learn from our mistakes and the circumstances. Fall back and get back. And never go down again.

Yours truly,




Author: Vrushali

I'm a under grad student on the path to become an accountant but that doesn't stop me from loving books, art and writing among many other things. I blog about all of them and all things that make life worth living. Check out my

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