Book Review: The memory of lost dreams by Davon M. Custis



Malik Soules has never seen such an amazing sight.

There lay a city of Imperia: gutted, destroyed, cracked with broken windows, every skyscraper went slanted within the deep underground cavern.

What happened to this place so long ago?

He accidently stumbles upon a machine called REQUIEM. By mistake, it sends him into a strange new world: where futuristic technology rules and sheer terror fills the hearts of ordinary citizens.

He can’t seem to escape this nightmarish dreams!


This book had a unique plot. A boy named Malik discovers an old closed library. He goes inside to find a futuristic machine named the REQUIEM. Unknowingly he enters the machine and pushes some buttons and what he doesn’t know is what the machine does. It makes him enter a weird world where people are recognised by their id.

He doesn’t know exactly where he is but he knows this place is not safe for him. The government has the only control and it’s very strict and the police arrest anybody who doesn’t follow the rules.

Then the person who made the machine and whom only Malik can see enters the story. He has a proposition for Malik to kill Zara, a wanted thief. But circumstances makes Zara Malik’s friend which makes it even harder for Malik to kill him. But why should he kill him? Because only after killing Zara Malik can exit this dream like scenario in the machine and return to his home. Torn between the two choices what will Malik do?


This book was not character driven but more of a plot-driven because the plot had the major role in the book. The characters were not fully described except the main character Malik who was just a teenager who is lost in this machine and doesn’t know how to even return.


You’ll like it if:

  • You like sci-fi novels with a futuristic setting
  • You like plot-driven novel
  • You like a novel that’s light and can be read very easily and quickly

You’ll not like it if:

  • You don’t like sci-fi novel
  • You don’t like plot-driven novel
  • You like a book that you can invest a lot of time in.

I’ll give it a 3.5/5 stars. 


Author: Vrushali

I'm a under grad student on the path to become an accountant but that doesn't stop me from loving books, art and writing among many other things. I blog about all of them and all things that make life worth living. Check out my

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