About me

Hello everyone! I am Vrushali and I live in India. I am a chronic book lover and an unprofessional artist!

I started this blog because I thought it to would fun and I have a dream of writing my own book someday. And I hope that that someday is somewhere around the corner!
I read books like people eat food. I can’t live without books and I have been like this since I was very small.

I review books and so I will help you decide which books to read and which to not. Though I feel every book is worth reading and it teaches us to read more.

I also draw and sketch, I am no professional, so creative and productive criticism is always welcome.

I’ll upload my artwork and share my tips and techniques to inspire you create more.

I write too and in between you’ll see me write- fiction and non-fiction. And I’ll inspire you to write and live more.Β 
And if you want to know something about me just read these awards-

Liebster Award #2

TMI tag


What I blog about:

You can check out my Review Policy page if you want to provide books for me to review.

If you want to talk to me via email you can do that too by vrushalipathak2107@gmail.com.

Happy Living!

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68 thoughts on “About me”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being a bookworm. I loved books when I was growing up and that’s when I wrote my first “book”, in the old days when there was no Internet (what? gasp! lol! I read books voraciously until the last decade or so because life got in the way but I still love them. Thanks for the follow and good luck on your writing. I will be following you!

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      1. I’m sure that you will. You do have to have the discipline to sit still long enough to write one. At least you can do it online now. We used to have to type it and use a lot of stamps to mail our manuscripts. πŸ™‚

        The name of my novel is Relations. It’s on my blog.

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  2. Hi there. I’m hosting a writing competition. I thought that maybe you’ll be interested. If you want to check it out, you’ll find the rules and the theme on my home page.

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  3. From what I have seen so far we are weirdly similar πŸ˜€ Love for books, non-professional artists, doodlers and from India. Looking forward to reading more of your writing. Glad to have found your blog Vrushali πŸ™‚

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  4. ah bueno!!!ahora resulta q todos son santos,menos el intendente,dejense de joder,aca la mayoria de los citricultores tienen empleados en negro,y a parte de este tema,muchos de ellos a pesar q no les afectó la HELADA cobraron sus mangos ………..(fragmento elmd0naio)&#823i;………… y siempre los q terminan perdiendo son los empleados,me pregunto porque nunca piensan un poqito en los empleados,solo ls interesa la elith..

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