Art Journal Pages #1 

I’ll be sharing some of my art journal pages in a book. You can find my post explaining it here.

You can also see my other art journal pages on my Instagram account @vrushalipathak. I update there more frequently. 

I made this without any printed material. And that’s a kind of challenge I’m accepting – not using any kind of printed paper or image. I’ll be drawing and painting everything by myself. And so far I’ve been very honest to this challenge. Let’s hope I keep it tgat way in the future. 

The color combination in this page is soothing to the eyes. Nothing bright. Just neutral and soft. I like the girl and the camera illustration. The girl I drew myself without any reference and the camera I referenced from Pinterest. 


Friday Art #15- Life and Oil Paints 

I just started learning how to use oil paints. They were a bit difficult at first, just like life was. There is absolutely no handbook or guide to use paints and to live life. I read many articles online in a bid to figure out just what I was missing. I couldn’t find a single article or video to teach me everything, from the start. I guess it doesn’t happen that way. You have to figure out everything yourself. Just like living life.

I lost hope and stopped searching for the answers (at this point I don’t even know what I’m talking about, painting or life!) Then I had a savior. One person solved my problems. She painted the most beautiful oil paintings and helped me to just do it. And same goes with life. There is a person, who can be anyone from your relatives to your friend to your lover. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you find the way with them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the ‘right’ way. Just the ‘right’ way for you. Either you’ll learn from lessons or gain something. And aren’t you gaining either way? And sometimes you wonder if they came in your life just to make you stronger or make you learn the lessons.

I almost started hating oil paints because I had to learn to apply two layers of paint. And the amount of drying time they took irritated me. I mean why couldn’t it take a little less time? But I forgot that oil paints were connected to our life. They are like the relationships we have. They are difficult and they require ‘time’. They require time to bloom, time to trust and time to really be.

And most of all I learnt that you have to let everything go. You can’t hold everything and expect to gain more. Just let it all go.

And I also learnt that both life and oil painting isn’t easy. You just have to practice and live it. No short cuts.
And I learnt how oil paints and life were similar.

Friday Art #14 – A rose

Hey! I’m starting to post this again.


In other news I started to write my novel again and I plan on finishing it this time. For those of you who don’t know about it, I started writing it in July 2016 but I couldn’t figure out how to continue the story. But I’m back writing it and I’ll probably do a post about it soon.

Till then…

Have a happy Friday!

P.S. Do tell me how do you like the rose!

DAY 31 #World Water Colour Month


This is the last day of the World Water Colour Month and I’m feeling very sad. I’ve been blogging continuously for the last 31 days and I had formed a great habit of posting and I don’t want to change that.

There are many things that I learnt while painting with water colours this month. I want to share them with you.

  • I learnt that you have to patient to achieve something. Many times I was in such a hurry that I spoilt the things that did before and the painting suffered because of it. Now I learned that I should wait but not much, just enough to get what I want.
  • I learnt that sometimes you’ll have to make time than to curse that you don’t have any. Ever wondered that even if everyone has 24 hours with them every day, why some do more than you? Simple! They utilize it better than you do. They plan better than you do. And if they can do it, so can you!
  • I learnt that there are some things that you have no control over. Some things don’t require your control. They require your support. You just support them and they’ll know what to do, rather then you commanding them. Sometimes when I think of painting something with a particular picture in my mind, I know that it won’t turn out the way I think it would. But sometimes the enjoyment is not knowing what is going to happen and still doing it anyway.
  • I learnt that practice make you better. No matter how bad of a painter you think you are, you can always become better by practising. Same is true for all the matters. You want to be a better person? Then practice being one. Slowly, and effectively enough, you will start to become one.
  • And I also learnt that you will be happy when you do the things you love. If you love painting, I’m sure you’ll want to dedicate more time doing it. And if you try to love the things you do, you be even happier. So, do what you love and love what you do.

And for today, I made a still life of Olive oil, mushrooms and plum tomatoes. Aren’t they looking yummy? I’m sure they’ll taste even yummier if you use them for making a Traditional Pasta!


DAY 30 #World Water Colour Month


This is Day 30 of the World Water Colour Month and I made this monument.


I can’t believe that this is the second last day of this challenge and now I’m so used to it, to blogging every day that I’m going to miss it.


DAY 29 #World Water Colour Month


This is Day 29 of the World Water Colour Month and I drew a full face. I saw a video on painting a face with water colours and the artist drew this futuristic face with different colours and shades and I wanted to take that as an idea and when I completed this it looked  little bit funny. I don’t know why exactly but I think that has something to do with her blue eye shadow.

It being something funny, I still decided to post this. This being my first step in making an abstract kind of portrait, I’ll compare this with the next ones I try.


DAY 28 #World Water Colour Month


This is Day 28 of the World Water Colour Month and I again drew a pair of eyes! And a nose and two ears too!


I’ve been painting a pair of eyes since three days and I decided to take it up a notch and practice painting three-fourth of a face. It made me confident enough to make a full face without any reluctance.

But I still don’t know why I decided to draw this three-fourth of a face when I could invest some more time and made a full face today! Haha I didn’t think about it when I started sketching this!

This face, today, looks a little old than what I thought it would look but no complaints because I did a little mistake and for correcting that I had to introduce some more wrinkles!


DAY 27 #World Water Colour Month


This is Day 27 of the World Water Colour Month and I drew another pair of woman’s eyes!


It looks like I’m on an ‘eye-painting’ frenzy and I’m loved it. It’s an absolute joy to paint something interesting, like a feature of a face and painting this is making me want to paint a full portrait but currently I don’t have time to paint it all in one setting. I’ll do that on a Sunday or any other day when I get time but I’ll definitely do this.

DAY 26 #World Water Colour Month


This is Day 26 of the World Water Colour Month and I again drew a pair of eyes. Yes, I’m too much fun painting them and I think I can do another pair for tomorrow!


And now I am able to paint men’s eyes and this gave me confidence to paint a few other men’s features, finally ending with a full portrait of a man, which I have not yet tried.

Which pair of eyes do you like more, today’s or yesterday’s?


DAY 25 #World Water Colour Month


This is Day 25 of the World Water Colour Month and I drew a pair of men’s eyes.


I have made mostly women’s portraits or features because I’m too scared to draw men’s. The latter are a bit rough and hard and women’s are more soft and graceful. But the main reason I started doing this challenge was to draw things that I have not yet tried apart from painting regularly.

I saw a pencil sketch and I decided to paint it with water colours on my own. And the best things is that I decided all the colours on my own, deciding which tones and shades to paint. Normally, I don’t change the colours of a painting I see and copy it directly. I know it is not good for me as an artist but at least I know how to paint using the different techniques other artists use.

But slowly with practice I’m learning to paint on my own. Similarly, I don’t draw with my own imagination but copy people’s sketches that I find interesting and honestly the sketch never looks same as the artist who drew it. But I’m happy that I can copy them.

What do you think? Is imagination more important or drawing skills? I’d love to know your opinion!