Friday Art #17 – Lord Ganesha 

Lord Ganesha is a elephant-faced Indian God and my favorite. Although I don’t play any favorites but He’s the one that listens to me when I talk to Him. It’s true. I close my eyes and simply pray to Him. And I ask Him a favor which is usually about people I know and (you can choose not to believe it but it’s true) almost every time I get my wish. Well, not every time. Just mostly. 

And now for those who think “Why didn’t you wish for a million dollars kind-of-thing?” God answers the prayers which are free of selfishness. I’m not praying about me. I had my exams and I never prayed that He should pass me. I orayed that he should pass me if only I did good. And I’m not the most religious person you’ll meet but you need someone, right? Just don’t be selfish for a second when you pray to God. 

And here’s a painting I did 3 years before and gifted to a friend. 


DAY 19 #World Water Colour Month


This is Day 19 of the World Water Colour Month and I drew this eye. I wanted it to look like a vampire’s eye (if you’ve seen Twilight you know what I mean!) but the eye lashes look very unreal but then I love the eyeball and decided to post this anyway.


Tell me what you think?

DAY 2 #World Water Colour Month



I drew this thinking about one video that I once saw a long time ago (sorry I couldn’t credit the artist because I couldn’t seem to remember the video) where the artist painted the picture and let the excess of the water colour to flow down. It gave a really good effect to the painting and so I thought of doing that.

Though I don’t really have an experience drawing these kinds of paintings, I tried and it came out better than I expected it to. And that’s good for me.


Tell me what do you think of it! 

July is the World Water Colour Month!



July is World Water Colour Month! Let’s celebrate painting and friendship!

I’ll be taking part in this challenge (hopefully!). I’ve never before painted ANYTHING for 31 consecutive days. I just hope I follow a time table and just paint.

If you want to know about it and you think you can do this, just follow this link.

It’s a month to inspire people to paint with watercolor while raising awareness for the importance of art and creativity in the world. And anyone can join the celebration from master watercolorists to artists just starting out with watercolor! Simply tag your watercolor art with #WorldWatercolor during the month of July!

TAKE THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE: 31 Watercolor Paintings in 31 Days!

  • It’s even more fun to paint with friends, so plan a picnic or sketch walk in your local city and paint outside together.
  • Haven’t tried watercolor before? Give it try for the first time this month!
  • Support a watercolor artist you enjoy by purchasing one of their beautiful paintings or products for your home
  • Share the watercolor work of other artists you love.


Share the fun and spread the word by linking to this or Doodlewash’s page page from your website or social media pages. Use the badges and logos below to let everyone know about World Watercolor Month!

So what are you waiting for? Just start planning NOW!