UPDATE: New Blog Theme And Related News

Hey! If you looked at my website before, you would have noticed some changes. Some major changes!



I have been meaning to get a new makeover for my blog but let’s just say I was unsure about many things. (or scared) But after I read Analee’s post which is linked here, I thought about how easy it is to really just change.

And hence, as Analee suggested, I went to Canva’s website  and just made a new header and related images for my blog.

new blocker

You noticed my new post topic-changer thing?! Also my new theme is black and white. I wanted red and black but I guess red is too harsh on the eyes and you’d never come back to my website if I did so. So classic black and white it is…

Also I have a new “Let’s Chat” image. I want to interact with you more and thus I decided to have this image at the end of every post.

new lets chat.jpg

What do you think of my new blog theme and design? I wanted it to be slightly formal but slightly informal too. Do you like it? Don’t feel shy. Let’s communicate.

P.S. Look down. Yeah, that’s my new ‘sign off’ kind of thing.

P.P.S. Also I’ll be editing and deleting all the posts. Major changes on the way!

new new header.jpg


Camp NaNoWriMo Update – Why I’m No Longer Continuing It

which I’m no longer!

The Camp NaNoWiMo started on July 1 and here is what I did during this week –



MY DAY- My day started good as I was excited for writing for the first day of NaNoWriMo. I started writing thinking it was too easy to write 5000 words a day but when I actually started writing, I knew it is not that easy. Hah, I picked up my speed and wrote.



MY DAY- My day went kind of lazily. I made a water colour painting for the World Water Colour Month and the rest of the time I just read. Also I received The Night Circus! Yay! And after the thousands of good reviews I read about it I’m very excited to read it. But not too many expectations; it ruins the book, right?




MY DAY- It was a Sunday and I decided to write more because practically I’ll be with the laptop the whole day. But my plans failed badly and in the evening I decided to make up and wrote 1127 words. Pretty great for something written in such a short period of time. I wish I had written from the morning but I was too lazy.



MY DAY- I painted during the day, did some studying (even though I’m on a holiday) and slept my heart’s desire and in the evening I started writing but after an hour of watching TV and writing simultaneously I preferred the TV and stopped writing. On an average I have to write 12500 a week and unfortunately in this week I wrote 4440 words. It means I have to write 8060 words more in just 3 days. Can I achieve it? I think so. Let’s see.




MY DAY – After about 4 days I’m starting to get bored. Partly because I don’t have a good story and I don’t know what to do with it and partly because I can’t seem to write with a deadline. I have been completing the Water colour paintings for posting every day and that seems a bit of a work for me. the rest of the time I read and study for some time.



MY DAY- I didn’t write anything. I thought of writing something in the evening but canceled it too. I think I’m not ready for Camp NaNoWriMo. I have been meaning to take part in the November NaNoWriMo and I guess I’ll plan ahead of time and try then.




My day – After a day with no word count, I’m sadly abandoning this project. I’ll write whenever I feel like it and I’ll complete this book but for now I don’t think I can complete this. But I’m happy about the fact that I wrote some 4700+ words in four days and I’ll do some more later.

Unfortunately, I have left Camp NaNoWriMO. I think I better sharpen my writing skills with other forms of writing like some short stories, essays or articles. But right now I don’t think I’ll do something productive with my time taking part this time.

I know it’s a challenge to just write but what’s the point in investing so much time and writing and then thinking what I have written is not good enough for a novel.

But next I promise to write something useful and worth my time.

March Update #1- Exams and Guest Post!!

Hello everyone! I hope you still remember me.
I’ve been having my exams since 1st March and so far I’ve had only two out of five exams done. And I’m happy to tell you that they went good and I’m currently revising for the third exam which is due on Thursday (17 March) which I know is a long way off.
I’m just waiting for April when I could post all I want. And I have like 4 tags and 5 reviews pending and I’ll post them soon.
Also I had my first ever guest oost on The Caffeinated Writer which you can see by clicking here. Basically I’ve mentioned the top 5 things I dislike in books. You want to know? Go read it then!
And if you too want to promote your blog and do a guest post, she’s open! Go contact her.
I think that’s all. I’ll keep updating you.
P.S. A very special thanks to all of you following and reading my blog. I promise you I’m not that lazy and I’m having my exams that’s why I couldn’t post. But hey, April’s coming so just wait for more.