Is Free Verse a Type of Poem?

Here’s a quick reminder that I wrote this just because I don’t know why free verse qualifies as a poem. Now don’t go ‘Oxford’ on me and just give me the proof that free verse indeed is a poem. I KNOW. I just FEEL like it shouldn’t be. It could be it’s own writing style you know? 

Like I wrote a ‘free verse’ today. It’s just my opinion. And I searched it’s meaning and here’s what I got:

Poem (as given in Cambridge Dictionary) a piece of writing in which words are arranged in separate lines, often ending in rhyme, and are chosen for their sound and for the images and ideas they suggest.

Free verse is a type of poem

I’m not sure about that

I can too write random sentences 

And rhyme ‘sit’ with ‘flat’

No offense to the ones who write it

But what’s the fun in it?

Scraching your head to find the correct words

And rhyming ‘sit’ with ‘lit’.

Why not call a free verse, a prose?

A poem is what it’s called

I understand the difference 

It’s like distinguishing a hairy person from a bald. 


I don’t write poems

I don’t write poems

Rhyming words are tough to find

I try anyway

Maybe something luckily would cross my mind

Now do you have any tip

To let me learn

The art of poetry 

That I don’t find to be that easy

“Just keep writing” 

Is the one tip I hear

And that’s what I’ve been doing

From the past one year

But now when I look back

I’m not that bad

Because I wrote a whole poem

In rhyming words. How’s that?

Camp NaNoWriMo 2016


Just a day more to go for Camp NaNoWriMo and I’m not TOO much confident about achieving the target of completing the word limit. I loved the idea of how I can set my own word limit, and I kept it at 90,000. I know it’s a little too much for a writer like me who have not yet ever written a full novel but I’ll try. If I reach 90,000 words, it’ll be awesome but if I reach 50,000, I’ll be equally happy. I can then try to write more and edit it in August.

And now about my novel that I’m planning to write—I’m planning to write a horror novel named “______” (I haven’t decided it yet! Let’s see!). I decided to write a horror novel just because I was writing a thriller named “Infection” before about an infection that spreads in the city, converting every sane person into a blood-thirsty zombie and I first thought of continuing it but I had not planned anything before writing Infection and so at one point I’m stuck and I can’t find a way to continue the story to make it 50,000 words, so I had to drop that plan and start something new, keeping Infection at a hold. I’ll sit and complete that after July, hopefully.

And I’ll be posting my writing update every Friday, keeping a check on my word-count and trying to not edit while I write. I’ll give more information about my project this July tomorrow.

And I’ve read that “The worst thing you write is better than the best thing you did not write” and keeping this in mind I’ll be writing this July Camp NaNoWriMo. You can add me as your buddy here.

I’ve added a word count bar on my website. You can keep a check on my word count this Camp NaNoWriMo! I would thank Blue Eyes Gray Eyes for posting the steps for adding a word count meter. You can too add it, just read this. (here)

Short Story #2- Bully

Hèllo there!

This is my another attempt in writing a short story. And I should tell you all that I find it very difficult to find a story to write and this story clicked me when I was lying of the bed at night and the minute I got the idea I hurried in the pitch black room to find my mobile so that I could write something that will make me remember it. And during that I fell once too! It was so dark how would I know there was a table ahead?!

Okay so here my story and it’s about 700 words(which is not bad). Read

“Are you okay baby? Or should I call your brother?”

I sat looking blankly at the wall. I was afraid to see anywhere else. My eyes constantly forced themselves on the ridges of the wall and the bits of plaster that hanged lightly. The screams were clear in my head. They called me a ‘baby’. Just because I didn’t fight them back.

I just never listened to them. They were bullies and they didn’t care. They would tease me and I only cried the first time.

They teased me because I had no father. If I had one he would’ve caught them. Like other fathers do. But my father left us when I was a kid. I have a older brother too. But he’s too occupied in his friends and his life to even notice me.

That was a young sunny day which was also the starting of the last week in school before the holidays. The school was going to end. No one seemed as happy as I was. I danced around for I had to face the bullies only this last week.

“Where do you think you goin’?” One of them asked as he put a hand on my shoulder.

I flinched and turned around. “Nowhere.”

Did they knew I was getting scared now?

“Do you want to go to where your father went?” They laughed.

I started to walk and ignored them.

“Where is your daddy, little baby? Did he leave you? Didn’t he love you?”, the biggest of them said.

It was enough to make me cry.

I felt the salty taste of tears in my mouth. I turned back and ran .  The water blurred my vision and after some time I didn’t know where I was running. But I didn’t want to stop. After some time I heard no one was following me so I stopped. I was running in the wrong direction and now I had to walk the whole distance to go home. I slowly walked but my mind never forgot that incident.

I often wondered why my father went away. I knew he loved us but then why couldn’t he stay with us?

I reached home and I saw my brother enter his bedroom. I was prohibited to enter his bedroom. It was his secret place. He never wanted me. We rarely talked. I remember one time he had to call me for lunch. I waited for him to call me but he just knocked my bedroom door and went away. That day I realised I was a burden on him too.

Today I was really tired and I jumped on my bed and took a pillow to rest my face which was now puffy because of the tears.

I woke up and I saw it was almost evening and my mother was still not home. She worked as a salesperson in a shop. It was not paying enough but still it was enough for us to survive on.

I started my homework. There was a small knock on the door. I wondered who would it be. Only me and my brother were at home. The door slowly opened and I found him standing sheepishly and scratching his hand.

“Hey, I just wanted to talk to you.”

“About what?” I asked full of surprise.

“Umm..I heard about them bullying you.”

“Who? What are you talking about?” I acted to be normal as if nothing happened.

“Don’t act. I know about them. They’re my classmates. Why didn’t you tell me anything?” He was starting to get annoyed but not on me. On them.

“You never talk to me. How will I tell you?”

He remained silent.

“Why do you not talk to me? What have I done?” I asked innocently.

“You remind me of him. Of our father. You look like him. That day when he left he tucked me to bed and said goodbye. I didn’t knew then that he would leave us. I’m sorry. I was stupid to think you are like him. You are not like him. You confront the mistakes you did.” He took his eyes off me. “Rather than running away. Tomorrow we’ll go together and teach those boys a lesson. Okay?”

I didn’t realize that I had been crying and smiling at the same time.

“Okay.” I said and hugged him.

So… was it? Also did you spot any mistakes? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.


Why haven’t I written a novel?


Hello everybody!

I haven’t written anything since a long time and by writing I mean writing stories. Probably I am going through a writer’s block.

And I decided to write something.  Just something. ANYTHING!! And then I sat down with a pen in my hand and I couldn’t write anything! A novel, maybe. It’s the worst thing in the world, not able to write anything. That made me think of the things that stop me from writing a novel.


Read ahead-

1) GENRE- This is the first and the most important decision which has to be taken by a writer. What genre shall I write? There are tons of genres to choose from and you have a lot of competition inspiration by fellow genre writers. It is probably said that “Write what you love to read”. What if I like to read horror, fantasy, thriller and suspense? Does that mean I can write all of them? And the problem is if you read every genre and like them all. Now deciding which one to choose among them is like choosing if you like Tom or Jerry better (I’d say probably Jerry!) Hey, that’s a stupid example yeah I know but you get the point right?

Selecting the perfect genre can do wonders. Take an example (and this is relevant), if J. K. Rowling didn’t write Harry Potter considering she doesn’t want to write a fantasy novel, would the world get the greatest book? She decided on a genre and she did it.

2) STORY- The next thing that needs a decision is the story. Suppose you chose Romance genre but you have millions of different stories and all of them are same in some way. Then what should I write? Worry not my friend, because I’m too struggling to think of good great story for my debut novel. And I’ll let you know when I know how to really find a great story that defines you. Nobody wants to be seen as a person to who people say-“Are you the one who that romance book?” Hell, they should remember the title of your book, it should be that great.

And finding a story is difficult, mainly for those who are not born as natural story-tellers. It involves hard work and research to plan the story to its minute details so that the plot doesn’t go blank after some time.

3) CHARACTERS- I don’t want my book to have underdeveloped characters. No! I will have to know my characters to the last point. And I don’t want similar characters too in my book. I don’t want people to think-“Oh that character also sounds like the main character!” when actually they are both different personalities. I don’t want cliché characters too. It’s like eating the same food every day. You may survive but you’ll not love how you’re surviving. Same is with the readers, they’ll want to read your novel but not love it. They’ll consider it as an average read and stack it in the back of their bookshelf. We don’t want that, do we?

4) FEAR- Most of the time I don’t write anything is because I have the constant fear that I’m not good enough and why would people read my work instead of the thousands of great authors? I know it’s common but it’d really de-motivating.

It is said that writers should not think this when writing and not compare themselves with others, but is it really easy to do so?

According to me there is one solution to this. Write a small story or anything, even an essay. Then select a group of people, but make sure it doesn’t have too many relatives or friends as they tend to give personal opinion of a work instead from the actual reader’s point of view. This helped me a lot since I posted a short story and many people responded with comments, both praises and mistakes if they saw any. It does two things; boosts your confidence to write for a larger audience and also gain from your past mistakes.

5) VICTIM OF PLAGIARISM- I love to read and I accept that. And I faintly remember all the stories of the novels I’ve read before. So that means when I sit to think of a story I tend to think of a story I already know and that leads to plagiarism. I have no interest in copying another author’s work but I can’t help it if my story slightly resembles another story. This is also a big problem in this world of millions of books and whatever we may write it would resemble another novel by chance.

This poses the maximum threat as copying work is illegal. Even Helen Keller, as a kid, plagiarized a story she’d read before and published it. She accepted her mistake afterward but she didn’t write for a very long time after that. So be sure of what you write and make sure it isn’t copied.


These are the reasons why I’m not writing now. Maybe I will when these problems get sorted.

If you have any suggestions or tips regarding these problems you’re free to give them and I’ll definitely keep them in mind…